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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kit For Beginners: Makeup Must-Haves

Hi, today i'm going to share with you my makeup must-haves, the things i wish i had when i was a beginner ! I recommend mostly MAC products because everybody loves MAC, and i think it's a good starter brand. Drugstore never works out for me, and high-end is way to expensive which is why MAC is a good choice. MAC tends to be a bit cheaper than Sephora brands.

First lets start of with the face. I'll give three suggestions for foundation for different skin types. I have in-depth reviews on all these foundations on my blog.


Primer: Monistat Chafing Gel - check out my review on my blog

Light Coverage: MAC Face & Body Foundation (liquid), or Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation (liquid) MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (pressed powder)
Who this is for: For those with good skin. This is a really good foundation, it gives a light natural looking coverage. It's also waterproof. This is the foundation they use for MAC photo shoots and models! It's $31.00 so it is pricey, but you get 4x the amount of other foundations. I believe there's 4 oz. So it's actually very worth it. The Mineralize Skinfinish is very popular and is a good powder to even out skin and make it look natural. Love both these products.

Medium Coverage: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation (gel)
Who this is for: For those with okay skin, some blemishes/redness. I currently use this foundation and love it. It's a gel-based foundation. It provides medium to buildable high coverage with a satin finish. This foundation is waterproof and makes skin look soft and smooth. It has shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients in it.

High Coverage: MAC Studio Tech (creme), MUFE HD Foundation (liquid)
Who this is for: For those with blemished/red skin or those who want high coverage. Studio Tech is a creme foundation and is a bit hard to get used to, but it's a great foundation. It makes you literally look like a doll, because your skin looks so good. It's a blend of water, emollients, and powder. It gives you a natural matte powder perfect finish. MUFE HD foundation has to be my favorite liquid foundation. It gives you perfect skin, it's lightweight, and evens out your skin with the first application. You get what you pay for, because the 1 oz bottle is $40. A drugstore alternative is Revlon Colorstay Foundation, but i find this dries too quickly and the texture seems very low quality to me. This is why I have switched back to using MAC foundations.

Now for the Cheeks !

Blush: Mineralize Blush in Dainty is one of my favorites. It's a light yellow pink with gold pearl. It is pricier though since it's mineralize. There are also lots of new mineralize blushes from the colour craft collection, so you should definately check those out and pick one that suits you. Pink Swoon, Melba, Springsheen powder blush are the more popular blushes. So just look for what looks best on you or all! Pink, peach, coral?

Blushcreme: Lilicent = love ! According to MAC it's a "full rosy fleshtone" To me it's a pinky-peach color that makes you look like your glowing ! it looks natural, make sure to blend blushcremes well though. Also you should probably stay away from this if you have bad skin ): It tends to accentuate pimples because of it's texture.

Beauty Powder: I have been loving Pretty Baby Beauty Powder from the Hello Kitty collection, but I know that it's no longer available. If they ever come out again with a baby pink beauty powder (which they probably will), get it !

Highlighters: I absolutely love Perfect Topping MSF, check your MAC stores before their sold out ! I recently got one, so they might still have it in stores. I also use Pearl Creme Colour Base, but it's an alright highlighter. Vanilla pigment is a nice highlighter but I find it too gold for me.

Contour: For contour you should use a taupe brown shade. I love NYX's Taupe blush, but sadly mine broke ): Don't drop them ! their fragilee. Other NYX products are great too, eyeshadows, blushes, lipgloss.

Eyes !


Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion- worth it if you have oily lids or eyeshadow doesn't stay on your eyes well. review coming up.

Eyeshadows: All MAC -5 eyeshadows to start with. I recommend getting palettes because eyeshadows in pan are cheaper than with the box. I'll do a 15 fave MAC eyeshadows later (: cause palettes have 15 or 4.
Satin Taupe - I'm currently in LOVE with this as a light wash on the lid. This is really popular for a good reason (: get it.
Shroom - All time favorite highlighter. Soft beige with shimmer.
Soft Brown - great blending color for smokey or neutral eyes.
Handwritten/Espresso - dark brown
White Frost/Gesso - gesso is more pigmented

Also you should get a black eyeshadow, NYX probably has a good cheap one. The one I use is Bedhead Cyberoptics Eyeshadow in black. It's a decent black eyeshadow, when I run out I'll get MAC's carbon. I could live with these colors and their good to start out with because their all neutral. 

Eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack Fluidline. I know there are cheaper alternatives out there like HIP cream liner, but I've tried it and it sucks compared to MACs. MAC's is smooth, creamy, and long lasting. HIP's is dry and hard to apply when it dries out (couple months) I'll do a in-depth review of gel liners soon too. Getting so many ideas from this post ! :P Always set your liner with black eyeshadow.
Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner - Zero & Yeyo are my two must have colors. Black and White. This black stays on your waterline better than MAC's Technakohl. Make sure to set the liner with black eyeshadow so it'll stay even longer. Yeyo has a great staying power and I always use it on the inner waterline/tear duct area, with White frost over it or just by itself. If you like a pop of color on your waterline, you could choose from their great variety of colors as well. 

Mascara: Lash Blast (i think its covergirl? i forgot) is a really good drugstore mascara. Buxom Lash Mascara is a really good high-end mascara. I heard Fiberwig is a good one too. They have a mascara booth in Sephora, so if you want a high-end mascara, try them out at Sephora and pick the one that works best for your lashes and what you want -volume, curl, or length ?

False Lashes: If your a beginner, I'd suggest not getting false lashes yet. Once you want to start though, I have a Hello Kitty Lash review on my blog and those are great starter lashes. Their cheap too. Also, there are lots of lashes on Ebay for cheap, like a pack of 10 for a dollar. You should get DUO eyelash adhesive if you get lashes. That's the best one.

Lips (:


Lipstick: MAC's Freckletone. It's my favorite lipstick and the one I always turn to for any look. It's a pretty nude color that works with any look.

Lipgloss:  MAC's Underage lipglass is a pink nude color. MAC's Viva Glam V Lipglass is a mauvey-pink color. MAC's Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks is a beautiful pink with purple, pink, and silver shimmer. Very sparkly. I would recommend one of these three or all three.

Chapstick: Burt's Bees is my favorite chapstick. I like their regular one better than the Honey one. Carmex has a funky smell to it to me. 

& that's it for my beginners post. Soon look out for a Top 15 eyeshadows and Tools/Brushes for Beginners post. When I was a beginner, I really wanted an in-depth post like this, so hopefully this is helpful to you ladies. Did this help? (: