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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Press-On Nails vs. Acrylic

I had the most horrible stressing day today.
Anyway, heres something for u ladies.

First thing ! Cut your nails super short, as short as you can. You don't want to be able to see your nail under the press-ons!
ew ugly hand. haha
Oops, I forgot this step: Clean your nails with acetone polish remover.

Next you want to match each of your nails to the press-ons. My kit had 24 sizes to choose from.

Glue time! You want to use a thin line of glue on your nail and the fake nail. Then slowly put the press-on nail onto yours. Then hold it-don't push or squeeze it (my mistake...). Do this to all of your nails.

This only took me under 20 minutes! (: TA-DA !

So the reason why you can see the glue through my nail is because I pressed my nail too hard. Just hold the nail on top of yours, maybe pressing lightly and you shouldn't have this problem. I kinda fixed it...
less noticable.

left hand
right hand

from far away you can't tell. so i don't mind too much. nobody is gonna look hella close at my nails anyways.
if you're a perfectionist then i suggest you go to the salon to do acrylics (: but i don't really care.

Kiss Everlasting French (Medium length)

Kiss' Description: Better than salon nails! NEW patented technology-rich, white french tip never chips, cracks or wears away. Satisfaction Guaranteed! (they spelled it guranteed on the box hehe) 7-day wear.
Product: 4/5
Quality: 4/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
Price: $6
Where to buy: Drugstores, Target, etc.
Would I buy again? Yes
Pros: Cheap alternative to Acrylics. These nails are very good quality, easy to match your nails with, and look really good! They seem strong and I think they will last a long time. We'll see! The Medium Length is perfect. It looks great without being too long and getting in the way of everything. Wish me luck taking my contacts off tonight...haha.
Cons: Glue shows through the nail. I have to investigate further into this problem though :P Might just be the way I applied them. 7-day wear? That's a pretty short time to be wearing them, well i guess you gotta let your nails breathe.
Final Thoughts: I recommend this to every lady to try (: They're only $6 so it's worth the try. You might be great at applying them. They look really good, exactly like Acrylics--except for the glue showing through with me. I'm sure this won't happen again though (: So give it a shot! I'll make an update on how long lasting they are, so stay tuned for that!

Hope you ladies are having a good day! Prom is in two days! Gotta stop by MAC tomorrow to pick up some eyeshadows-I'm thinking, Contrast, Knight Divine, and Satin Taupe. Maybe a light blue eyeshadow too. And I'm going to get the Studio Tech Foundation, I've heard awesome things about it. So look out for that review coming up!